The Treadmill exercise machine mimics a walk or jog while staying stationary in the same place.Treadmills are a good choice if you are looking to begin an exercise routine or suffering from joint troubles.As strength and endurance improves, the treadmill can also be used for jogging or circuit training.Treadmills help you burn more calories than stationary bikes or elliptical trainers.A good workout on the treadmill releases endorphins which keeps your stress free from everyday worries and also helps you live longer.

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AF 415 (AC)

Specifications:• Dimension : 81"(L) x 34"(W) x 54"(H).• Motor : AC Motor, 2.5 HP continuous duty, 5...

Rs. 92,000.00 Rs. 82,800.00

AF 512 (NEW)

• Dimension : 64"(L) x 30"(W) x 51"(H).• Motor : DC Motor, 1.5 HP continuous, 3.0 HP peak, digital c..

Rs. 47,500.00 Rs. 42,750.00


Specifications:• Dimension : 73"(L) x 35"(W) x 58"(H).• Motor : AC Motor, 3.0 HP continuous duty, 6...

Rs. 114,500.00 Rs. 103,050.00